Nothing Will Change Until We Do

Nobody can do it alone. We need God. We need each other. This hasn’t been more evident, in recent times, as it is now. Even though it has been packaged to be in plain black and white for everyone to see, the issue is really right vs. wrong.

There is no doubt it’s becoming exponentially harder to be a black man in America. It’s like waking up and playing a road game everyday of your life. You know the crowd will be cheering against you and the enforcers of the rules will always seem to rule in favor of the opposition (regardless of what the replay shows). BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE CAN’T WIN! (When I say “win” I mean succeed in life.) We’ve had issues for a long time that haven’t been addressed. While we have ignored the gaping holes in our game plan the opponent (wrong/evil) has, and continues to take, full advantage of the mismatches.

We can continue to complain about the hostile environment and bad calls or we can make adjustments. We can try to continue to fight the battle alone (which has never worked) or we can unite to form a “super team” of all people who are on the same mission. We have to start a dialogue of unity, wherever we are, with the people we interact with the most (home, work, school etc.). Being heard is good but only after you’ve listened enough to come up with your own thoughts that are worth listening to. We need to understand and embrace that loving one thing doesn’t mean we need to hate another.

If change is going to be for the people, it’s going to have to be by the people. Having an opinion is your right, but coming up with solutions is our fight. We need to hold politicians accountable by knowing their voting history and voting against those that don’t act in accordance with what we consider important. We all have special gifts we can contribute to our community. We need to educate and equip our young people. Money gets spent, but time we invest in each other will pay dividends for generations to come. We need to promote the hope of what will be and then work until it is.

EVERYONE who truly believes in what’s right needs to do what’s right. Is it hard? HELL Yes! It’s not fair (there’s no such thing). The rules are constantly changing. There will be adversity. There will be setbacks. Those have never been reasons for us not to succeed. The history of the various groups of people of this country is stronger than excuses.

Violence has never been the answer. We have to refuse to become what we are fighting against. We need to put down the guns and pick up vests. Vests of unity. Vests of forgiveness. Most importantly, vests of love. A Navy S.E.A.L once told me, “A soldier wears a vest to stay in the fight.” We are all more valuable alive than dead.

Always Family,

Jason Flowers

(Please pray for ALL the families who have lost loved ones during these trying times)

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