Happy Father’s Day Indeed

A day like today reminds me of how truly blessed I am. I was able to spend father’s day, with my wife Tairia and, soon to be, 2 month old son Jayce, at the park watching my daughter Jasmine win her first championship as an athlete. As I watched Jasmine, and her Cal Warriors softball teammates, I couldn’t help but think about all the teams I played on, growing up, and the impact my coaches had on me. Growing up with a single mom, who did a great job of being mother AND father, I was fortunate to play for several men who treated me like their own son. Men like Lo Clark, Joe McGill Sr., Sam Randolp Sr., and Tom Osburn made sure I stayed out of trouble, just as much as they made sure I stayed in the game.

Those men helped me to experience all kinds of joy, through sports, but none could compare to today. Even though Jasmine recorded a couple of put outs, pounded out a couple of hits, supplied a couple of RBI’s and scored a few runs, she saved her best play for the car ride home. After taking a couple of pictures of her with her trophy I asked,”What are you going to do with your first championship trophy?” Her answer put the “Happy” in my Father’s Day. “I thought I would leave it with you since it’s Father’s Day.” I’m still smiling.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads, especially the men, I mentioned above, who treated me like a champion no matter what. And thank you Jasmine, for giving me the best Father’s Day gift ever and thinking I’m a champion no matter what.

Always Family,

Jason Flowers


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